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Voice of the Customer

“Customers who love you will market for you more powerfully than you can possibly market yourself.”

– Jeanne Bliss, Co-founder of CXPA, CEO of Customer Bliss and 4x bestseller author of customer experience books, such as ‘Chief Customer Officer 2.0’

Voice of the Customer

Asking customers for their feedback is free.  Your customers will gladly tell you what they really think of your products, services, recent interactions and experiences with you.  Good or bad, your customers are talking about you and are telling others about their experiences, so why not utilise this customer feedback in a constructive way to improve your overall customer experience.

Resonation will help you to do this, by designing and implementing a voice of the customer programme into your organisation.  Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, a voice of the customer programme is a strategic customer-focused programme that captures, analyses and reports on all customer feedback.

A voice of the customer programme uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative research and three of the most popular customer experience metrics in use in business today, customer satisfaction ratings, customer effort score and net promoter score.

Voice of the customer asks these questions of your customers

  • Are we easy to do business with?
  • Are you satisfied with our products or services?
  • Would you recommend us?

One of the key strengths of a best-in-class voice of the customer programme is the ability to use customer feedback as a source of learning and continuous improvement, called close the loop.

A successful voice of the customer programme increases customer loyalty, customer recommendation rates and positive word-of-mouth about your brand resulting in higher customer acquisition levels, higher repeat purchases and better customer retention.

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