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Insights into Action

“Customer expectations are simpler to understand and harder to fulfil than most people think they are.”

– John A. Goodman, author of ‘Customer Experience 3.0’

Insights into Action

Industry research carried out by Customer Experience Matters has shown that 95% of the top 500 companies have a voice of the customer programme and listen to their customers. 75% of these companies generate customer insights but only 25% convert these insights into actions.  And less than 5% of the top 500 companies transform their customer experience, as a result of their actions.

So critically, there is a lack of follow-through on companies to act and change as a result of a capturing and listening to their voice of the customer programme.  This is a huge missed opportunity.

Resonation aims to rectify this and we will provide you with a simple step by step guide how to follow through and convert your customer insights into action and transform your customer experience delivered.

Resonation has helped many companies to make sense of their customer feedback, identify why this customer feedback matters to the customer and to the business, what are the possible root-causes and list the actions required to resolve the customer insight.

Resonation can also help you to operationalise your customer insights by prioritising and ranking them in order or customer and business impact.  We can provide you with a tracking system to monitor and update progress on your actions.  This will allow you to communicate with everyone in the business on the progress being made and ensure that you have the necessary customer experience governance in place.


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