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Customer Research

“The customer’s perception is your reality.”

Kate Zabriskie, President of Business Training Works Inc.

Customer Research

Resonation’s starting point for everything we do is the customer, so we will baseline your customers’ interests and experiences using a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods, across a representative sample or cross-section of your customer base.  We will agree with you the customer research topic guide in advance and handover our research findings, customer insights and actionable recommendations on tangible ways to improve your overall customer experience and resonate more with your customers.

We will provide you with usable actionable insights into what your customers really think about you and their experiences with your products and services.

Customer Research – What We Do

The Customer Insights that we aim to share with you are, as follows:

  • How customers rate your products or service capability and overall quality provided
  • How customers rate their overall customer experience
  • How likely your customers are to recommend your business
  • How customers rate key customer touchpoints, for example sales engagements, product delivery, customer support and online user experience
  • How easy is it to do business with you and how much customer effort is involved
  • How customers rate their value for money and the value offered / value received in their overall commercial relationship with you
  • Insights on any specific customer pain-points or gaps in your processes and possible solutions your customers would like to see
  • Insights on possible improvement opportunities or innovations in how you provide your products or services into the future
  • Insights on other key areas of interest that you may have related to your customers

Customer Research – What You Get

Following our in-depth customer research, we will deliver you the following;

  • We provide you with a comprehensive written Customer Research report, full of useful customer insights, information on customer experience pain-points / gaps, identified opportunities for improvement and key actionable recommendations
  • We present our Customer Research findings and recommendations to you and your Management Team
  • We handover the customer view of any customer experience pain-points / gaps, possible solutions including the key recommendations to you so that you can incorporate our findings into your overall customer experience improvement programme.
  • Should you need support to implement these opportunities or set-up a customer experience improvement programme. Resonation offers an Operationalise service.


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